Dear Skifriends

German Version

It’s has been seven years that I am selling skis and everything that goes with them. I gave you advices or testskis, I tuned your boots or repaired your skis over night. Probably I also made your dream setup come true. Maybe we even spent day on the mountain: At the ski test, in Chamonix at the legendary Black Crows Weekend or in Val Medel for the Ski Weekend.

Ski, Bindings and Boots and the People who used them became my trade. I worked a lot and learned a little bit along the way. With every season more skiers came with their special wishes and ideas. Kundalini grew.
Especially with Simon, but also with Dave Patrick and Noah I had very good and sometimes long-standing co-workers. They all were very committed to the job. Even though the workload sometimes seemed to push us down, we enjoyed sharing the passion with you. We would like to thank you for your confidence in us.

Last winter I became father. My daughter changed my focus. Soon it became clear this would also affect my business. With Kundalini I came to a point where the next big step was inevitable. I needed more space, wanted to professionalize the boot fitting and go the next level with the Webshop. I wanted to do more events, I needed more personnel and more time for you, the customer, the guy who made all this possible. Generally I wanted to raise quality and the experience in the shop. At the same time I needed to find a way how to go down from 60hrs workweek to about 40.
But soon it became clear that I had not enough energy for this step. And also, I was not happy anymore with the way it was. Maybe you noticed last wither that my fuel gauge was mostly orange.

While I was spending time with my family last summer, it became clear that the past season 17/18 would be our last one. Quite soon I was looking for a shop who would make sure you would get the service I was still obliged to give you. Already for some time I was exchanging thoughts with a friend from the industry. Even though he was a competitor, I appreciated exchanging thoughts with him. He was not surprised about my decision and was of course willing to provide the ski service for my customers.
We started to develop further ideas and it soon dawned on me that the other shop was interested in my vision and my experience. Soon I was inspired by the idea to carry on with everything that made Kundalini unique but on a much more powerful platform and then to bring all the services and the product line on the next level.

The company I will help shaping the ski business in the future is Transa.

The Winter is on the doorstep. Hence it is quite tight to implement all my wishes for this season. But I will try hard to offer you the Service you expect at Kundalini already this season at Transa. Maybe I can even take some of my most important brands with me. Also, there is a good chance you will meet me in person, if you ever come to the Europa Allee.

Kundalini will remain as a brand. I will continue with the blog on this website. Also I will inform you from my kundalini mail about events and news. The transfer into the Transa Network will be made step by step. You will be informed about each step.

From today on the shop at the Klingenstrasse will be closed.

Some more organisational stuff…


Do you still have a valid voucher from Kundalini? Please send this voucher until 31.12.18 with your address to: Thomas Schöner, Transa Backpacking AG, Josefstrasse 53, 8005 Zürich. Transa offers you in exchange a voucher with the same value.

Services and Warranty Claims (starting 1. October)

Did you forget your skis at Kundalini over the summer? Did I fit your boots and you only realise now that they are still at Kundalini? Or are we processing a warranty claim for you? Your material is ready starting 1. October ash Transa in the Europa Allee. The customer service will help you find your gear.

If you have any further questions or you still need something from me you can reach me over

See you soon!