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We understand bootfitting as a process, not a product. We don’t sell you a foamed liner and a custom insole and wish you good bye. We work buttom up with the materials of your boot. Minor changes on your shell or liner in many cases change your boot from hell to paradise. Well paradise, that’s exagerated. Even the best fitted boot feels the best just after you took it off in the evening. But before that moment you must feel snug, warm, powerful, painless, somehow comfortable but surely invincible in your boot. That’s our goal.

IMG_20150808_154927A bootfitting often starts with the reforming of your shell. Especially in lighter boots, liners get thinner and lasts are often more narrow. This calls for a stretching of your boot. Either in the general width or just in certain areas of oversized bones or anchels. On some ares on your feet nerves run over bones. Too much pressure on those ares will make some parts of your feet numb and super cold. With our Ultracam machine made in Italy (where the best and most ski boots come from) we heat your shell up from inside exaclty where we apply the pressure needed to get you the extra space. Depending on the materials of you boot (PU, Pebax, Grilamid and so on) this process is a matter of hours or days.
Whether we foam a custom liner for you or you keep your standard liner, the Ultracam machine and our experience with it gets the biggest paincausers out of the way.

boot docProper insoles are a possible solution for many problems. A bad position of your feet might make parts of your feet numb or caus pain in your ankles as your foot is pronated in your ski boot. We are far from telling you that every foot needs a custom insole. Many people are perfeclty fine with the one dollar standard insole that comes along with the boot. But even those care free feet would feel a difference with a custom insole that provides better power transmission and more comfort.
For our insoles we work with boot doc, an Austrian company that provides all sorts of blank soles and tools to form them, like our vacuum sandbed cusions we use to take your footprint.

IMAG7146The coronation of every bootfitting is the foaming of the inner liner. The process is quite simple. We’ll replace your inner liner with a foamable liner. Those special liners have hollow room on each side of your foot. This room will be filled with heavily expandig foam that will perfectly map and fill the space between your foot and the shell of your boot. After the foam is hard, you’ll find a perfect fitting innerliner that is not only comfortable but also very performant when it comes to powertransmission from your feet all the way to the ski. The procut we use for the foaming comes from boot doc. It’s called Quick Foam. The foam itself is relatively soft, unlike the concrete kinf of foam used in racing boots. But the outside liner is quite stiff.  Togeher they make a perfect team to give you a liner that is really performant but still „tourable“. Again, we are far away from praising foaming as the ultimate and single source of happiness. It’s just another tool either to solve a complex foot problem or to give you a power transmission you never dreamed you could ever have.

IMG_20140225_212519A good quickfix for most „too much room“ problem is gel like foam we cut and glue to your inner boots. Wether it is to fix your heel or take away exess space above or on the sides of your feet, this foam is an effective way to a better fit and hold in your boot. Cut in a ring for example, this foam can even take away pressure from your ankle by giving him the space he needs while straighnenig up your foot around it. It also works very well in a trial and error proces with you, the customer, if you we can’t really figure out, how to best solve a certain problem.



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Thermo fit Liner Heat up thermo liner, Prepare your foot with pads an caps where needed, form the liner free 30.-
Tune liner with pads Understand the boot problem, Cut Pads and glue them on to the liner. Price per pair. 10.- 30.-
Heatmold the shell Understand the boot problem, mold the shell with the press. Price per boot. The price applies for two molding cycles. 20.- 40.-
Foam innner liner. Analyze your foot. Preparing your foot and the boot doc liner for the foaming. Foam the liner.  295.-  350.-
Customize an insole Selection of the right Boot Doc insole. Pressing your footprint in the vacuum sandbed. Make some minor corrections in the sanbed to optimize the position and the posture. Heat the insole and form it to your foot. Prices vary by insole. 69.- / 99.-  69.- / 99.-